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Meet the Team

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Our Vision

RTA & Associates is committed to providing unparalleled service, integrity, and devotion to finding the best strategies for our clients.

We promise to take a holistic approach to your financial situation and provide a thorough analysis of where you are- and a road map to where you want to be.

Our Promise

Richard T. Adams.jpeg


President & CEO

Richard T. Adams Jr., President & CEO, graduated from Long Beach State (LBS) with a BA in Education in 1979. He also has his Teaching Credentials from LBS. He started RTA & Associates in 1987 and has been very fortunate. In the 32 years he has been in business he has obtained the following:

  • Optimist International, Young man of the year

  • In Insurance Magazine he was listed man of the year 9 times

  • Top of the Table

  • Million Dollar Round Table


When I started this company back in 1979 I had a vision to grow the foundation of this company as we continued to grow our clientele basis.  Today, many of those dreams have come to fruition as we have a highly qualified team working together to help our clients who are mainly stretched across southern California.  It has been my honor to help these families reach their financial goals, and it is extremely rewarding to continue to help those families by assisting their second and third generations as they begin to work with us like their parents or grandparents did decades ago.  Our goal is to improve our clients financial well being through ongoing investment analysis and customer service, offering diversification in different asset classes, and taking care of insurance needs.

Samuel Adams.jpeg


Financial Advisor

My name is Sam and I’ve been working at RTA & Associates since 2010.  I’ve always had a drive and passion for working in this industry ever since I was a member of the business academy in high school.  It was then that I realized this career path would give me the opportunity to help clients reach their financial goals  while simultaneously helping me reach mine.  After high school, I studied business administration at the University of La Verne.  While at the University of La Verne, I played basketball for the school for three seasons, and was elected as the team captain.  My experiences from college taught me that with hard work and a team oriented focus, there is no limit on the successes you are able to accomplish.  I have carried that with me into this organization, and I’m constantly trying to use my talents  to help grow this company, while providing our existing clients with ongoing support and strategy. 


Throughout the years, I have taken on many different roles in this organization, which I think has made me very well rounded as a financial planner and a better team member.  

Richard Allard.jpeg


Financial Advisor

Having originally entered the financial industry some thirty years ago, my interest was originally piqued by a friend who routinely invested in the market. What started 

as a hobby developed into getting educated, professionally licensed and hired as an advisor at Pru-Bache. Gathering experience in the various areas where proper planning contributes proportionately to business and retirement success.


My life took a momentary turn when an opportunity opened up and I became a business owner in a small bakery with a large outlook. One location developed into three and our 

clientele extended from Santa Barbara to Claremont. We shortly were serving high end French and Italian restaurants, international airlines, and hotel/ resorts. 

Being French and loving food made the transition natural and likeable.

Selling the business after thirteen years, I reentered the financial field and haven't looked back. My experience in investments, planning and business has given me a strategic outlook in what works in theory and real life. What I've learned is that history can be a formidable teacher, however, learning from experts shortens the learning and cost curve. Which brings me to where I am today, a member of RTA & Associates Financial and Insurance Services Inc. a leading independent financial service firm which emphasizes success through innovative and structured financial and retirement planning.

Chris Carter_edited.jpg


Office Manager

Administration has always been one of the things that piqued my interest.  While attending the University of Arizona, I worked as special counsel to the Arizona State legislature.  In addition to that, I was an instructor for the Arizona Department of Economic Security.  


Soon after graduating from the University of Arizona with honors, I moved to Los Angeles for another endeavor that piqued my interest: film.  In my short time living in Los Angeles, my production team has released several films into distribution.


However, I still very much enjoy the administration process.  This is where RTA & Associates Financial and Insurance Services helped me attain my leadership goals. 

RTA has given me the satisfaction of helping our clients, charging me with making sure their financial well being is taken care of.


Additionally, making sure that our agents and company runs smoothly provides me with a feeling of purpose and accomplishment.  I am proud to be part of a company that takes pride in not just caring for our clients financially, but on a personal level as well. 

Dania Herrera.jpg


Office Administrator

My name is Dania and I am the Office Administrator. I am fairly new at RTA & Associates. I was born and raised in NorCal and I lived in Washington state for 4 years. I went to high school in Sacramento California and I completed my associate’s degree in Everett Washington. I’ve held positions in fast-food, retail, banking, and the entertainment industry.


I have had plenty of experience working with all kinds of clients in all kinds of different situations. I have worked in the banking/finance industry the longest. I have worked with many different clients to help them achieve their financial goals. I know that being at RTA & Associates will help me succeed in helping out more people reach their financial goals.

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