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Sam Adams

Sam Adams

Financial Advisor

My name is Sam and I’ve been working at RTA & Associates for almost 9 years.  I’ve always had a drive and passion for working in this industry ever since I was a member of the business academy in high school.  It was then that I realized this career path would give me the opportunity to help clients reach their financial goals  while simultaneously helping me reach mine.  After high school, I studied business administration at the University of La Verne.  While at the University of La Verne, I played basketball for the school for three seasons, and was elected as the team captain.  My experiences from college taught me that with hard work and a team oriented focus, there is no limit on the successes you are able to accomplish.  I have carried that with me into this organization, and I’m constantly trying to use my talents  to help grow this company, while providing our existing clients with ongoing support and strategy. 


Throughout the years, I have taken on many different roles in this organization, which I think has made me very well rounded as a financial planner and a better team member.