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Richard Allard

Richard Allard

Financial Advisor

Having originally entered the financial industry some thirty years ago, my interest was originally piqued by a friend who routinely invested in the market. What started 

as a hobby developed into getting educated, professionally licensed and hired as an advisor at Pru-Bache. Gathering experience in the various areas where proper planning contributes proportionately to business and retirement success.


My life took a momentary turn when an opportunity opened up and I became a business owner in a small bakery with a large outlook. One location developed into three and our 

clientele extended from Santa Barbara to Claremont. We shortly were serving high end French and Italian restaurants, international airlines, and hotel/ resorts. 

Being French and loving food made the transition natural and likeable.

Selling the business after thirteen years, I reentered the financial field and haven't looked back. My experience in investments, planning and business has given me a strategic outlook in what works in theory and real life. What I've learned is that history can be a formidable teacher, however, learning from experts shortens the learning and cost curve. Which brings me to where I am today, a member of RTA & Associates Financial and Insurance Services Inc. a leading independent financial service firm which emphasizes success through innovative and structured financial and retirement planning.